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The Wolf Pack is a small but targeted platform of PNR/UF/SFR readers. What does targeted mean? We have been careful to be sure we built the Wolf Pack with readers. We are connected to readers who are dedicated to our genre, and our reader platform is as large or larger as many of the major indie authors in our genres.

The Wolf Pack is a great way for fledgling and intermediate authors to build up their brand. We offer a mix of FREE and paid promotion options.

FREE promotion options

  1. Use the Wolf Pack group wisely to build your readership. Here’s a short video explaining how to do that. https://www.facebook.com/groups/124122478239398/permalink/362507017734275/
  2. Submit your permafreebies for inclusion on our Pinterest boards. (Note…as this is a free service, we do not have deadlines for when these will be added. They are uploaded as we have time.) Also: We do ask you to share the boards to help grow them. Here’s the form: https://forms.gle/ZDG9jYyxL9dmpxxPA
  3. Participate in the promo ops we organize. There’s a calendar posted in the group and watch for sign up posts.
  4. Ask for shares on social media posts in the Wolf Pack Promotions group.
  5. Ask for newsletter swaps in the Wolf Pack Promotions group.


Keep reading for a list of our paid promotion options that will take your book even further!

PAID promotion options

  1. The Wolf Pack Newsletter: Books can be any price
  2. The Wolf Pack Facebook Page Ads: Targeted audience of readers who tend to click and buy
  3. The Wolf Pack Promotions Group: Where we announce any other promo ops
  4. Cover photo in the Wolf Pack group and/or on the page.
  5. Pick of the Pack Kickstart
  6. ~*~ New in 2020~*~ Facebook Ad consulting
  7. ~*~Just Added~*~ Wolf Pack Marketing Co-op est. 2016


Scroll down for full details on how to submit your book and how these promos work. Please read this entire document…there’s bundle pricing at the end!

  1. The Wolf Pack Newsletter: Books can be any price

*Fee: $36

*What: Book listing in our weekly newsletter.

*Tips: We accept PNR/UF/SFR at any price point but readers always click more on free or 99c. As always, cover and blurb are HUGE. You must nail those for optimal conversion.

*Note: Submit your book ~2 weeks in advance.

*How to book: Fill out this form…https://form.jotform.com/70314664413147

Here’s what we did for one author:

  1. The Wolf Pack Facebook Page Ads: Targeted audience of readers who tend to click 

*Fee: $30 + your ad budget

*What: A boosted post  for your book on the WP page with over 20,000 likes…all readers.

*Tips: Choose engaging graphics and don’t be too literal. Graphics should evoke the feel of your book, not give a checklist of story elements. Text should also focus on evoking emotion and hooking readers. We won’t accept your ad unless we think the image and text will convert. Facebook won’t accept your ad if you have a lot of text on your images. You must have the right to use the image you submit to us.

*Note: Book ~2 weeks in advance. (Closed in December. FYI.)

*How to book: Fill out this form https://form.jotform.com/82496826339168

For more tips on how to select images and approach ads on FB, watch this video: https://www.facebook.com/groups/124122478239398/permalink/349606629024314/

Some page metrics (from 2020):

  1. The Wolf Pack Promotions Group: Where we announce any other promo ops. We organize several different cross promos during the year.

Join the group here (be sure to answer the question!): https://www.facebook.com/groups/124122478239398/?ref=bookmarks

Below is an example of cross promo performance. Buy-in for this one was $27. These promos are offered on a periodic basis throughout the year.

  1. Cover Photos in the Wolf Pack reader group and/or on the Wolf Pack Page:

*What: We’ll use your photo as the cover photo in our group and/or on our page.These bring attention to your book and raise awareness.

*Fee: $20 per cover photo (so both page and group would be $40).

*How to make cover photos: Images can be made on Canva (for free) and files should be jpgs. Page cover photos must be 828 x 315 pixels with your content in the 560 x 315 center zone. Group cover photos must be 820 pixels wide by 462 pixels with your content in the 820 by 250 pixels center zone so it doesn’t get cut off. You need to keep important content in the center as the edges are cropped on mobile.

Test on your page and in your group before submitting! There are no refunds because you didn’t get your photo sized right!  You can find more info on image sizing here: https://www.dreamgrow.com/facebook-cheat-sheet-sizes-and-dimensions/

*How to book:  Fill out this form: https://form.jotform.com/200188326333147

  1. Pick of the Pack Kickstart Package: 

*What: Reviews and marketing for newer authors who don’t yet have a readership. We will coordinate and manage a small group of readers on your behalf. This is a white glove service and a labor intensive process that requires lots of follow up, so it’s not inexpensive. 

We will work to secure 10 verified reviews, have readers add your book on Goodreads and share it on social media. We will also share your book on our platform (NL, FB and Blog) as a ‘pick of the pack’ read and run some ads to our readership. You will need to supply review copies, promo graphics, excerpts etc…

*Why? You can use other options at a lower cost, but we’ll ensure follow through and have the added marketing extras.

*Fee: $150. (We can add 10 more reviews for an additional $80. For more readers, prices start at $375.)

*How to book: Contact michellefoxasst@gmail.com

*Please book in advance. At least 6 weeks in advance is our minimum. Availability is limited. Closed Nov 1st through Jan 5th every year.

*Images must be ‘clean’ for Facebook censors. No kissing, no touching, no skin and no text. Only for the kickstart service…we have a library of effective images we can fall back on if we don’t think your graphics will perform, or if they seem to be problematic with regards to Facebook’s censors..

*Be sure to have effective snippets. Snippets are life and death for your promo. Here’s some info on that: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xl4qBwJoOf7NAVTQ-VkUf0exhdim4BlwmxB4ZkKTNNE/edit?usp=sharing

  1. Facebook Ad Consulting:

Want some help optimizing your ad? We will review your creatives, ad copy, targeting and strategy and give our recommendations.  We have experience running ads with four figure returns and teach other authors, who’ve also done well with ads.  Contact Michelle Fox to schedule (via PM on FB or via email at michellefoxwrites@gmail.com. Due to high volume of incoming messages, poke if you don’t hear back within a day or two.). (IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not run ads. We are not a marketing agency. We’ll advise and guide, but we’re authors. We’d rather write books. 😉 )

*Fee: $30

*Includes: Evaluation and discussion of one ad and strategy. Around 2-4 PMs or emails. Possibly a phone call, depending on needs.

*NOTE 1: We have a free beginner FB ad tutorial in the Wolf Pack Promotions group. Save yourself the money and start there!

*NOTE 2: If you want free ad consulting, take the FB ads class and/or join the co-op (see below) which gives you ongoing access and assistance at no additional charge.

  1. Wolf Pack Marketing Co-operative

Why spend years building your audience and struggling to sell books when you can piggyback onto the Wolf Pack platform?

Our marketing co-operative has been operating for 4 years now. Our platform is affordable. No four figure ‘master class’ BS here!  (Although we do have members who earn four figures using our platform.)

Wolf Pack social media audiences were built correctly and are full of readers who buy books and co-op members have direct access to those audiences. We also have a newsletter and other digital assets members can deploy to sell books. The co-op provides training on how to advertise to our audiences, info on how to build your platform, coaching, and other perks.

There is a cap on membership and we currently only have a few spots open. Prospective members are screened…because we don’t do drama. This is a long term marketing initiative for authors who are serious about their careers. We want members who will stick for a year or more. We have retained over half of our original membership to date.

If you’re interested contact Michelle Fox for an application and more information (via PM on FB or via email at michellefoxwrites@gmail.com. Due to high volume of incoming messages, poke if you don’t hear back within a day or two.).

Bundle Discounts

  • NL and FB ad together (paid or free books): $52 (savings of $10)
  • NL & FB ad & 1 Banner in Wolf Pack Group: $62 (savings of $20)
  • NL & FB ad and page banner: $62 (savings of $20)
  • NL & FB ad & 2 banners (page and group): $72 (savings of $20)