Sometimes, life surprises you with scary news when you are least prepared to receive them, not that there is ever a good time to receive bad news. But imagine for a moment that you are in Paris with your husband, for a romantic vacation—a holiday planned for quite some time. Then, all of a sudden, things go awry, and your husband is rushed to the hospital. Fast forward a few days, your husband needs surgery. In a nutshell, this is what happened to us. It was scary, terrifying at moments, but everything went fine, and we came out of this with a renewed respect for life.

I’ve always believed that we should celebrate the little things in our days, and experiences like the one my husband and I just went through only strengthen my opinion that we have no time for negativity in our lives. Things can change drastically, and what we give for granted one moment is gone the next. So, love as if there is no tomorrow, because you never know.

As an author, I think that my philosophy of life shines through my novels. I write romance—in several sub genres—because I can’t envision a world without love. Tumultuous passions rule my stories where strong characters fight for their right to be reunited with their beloveds. I believe in pure love, which is universal and tolerant, and so do my heroes and heroines. Sometimes, their path is paved with obstacles, but true love is stronger that hate, and it always wins in my novels.

So, I am still stranded in Paris, and as I write this blog post, I can only think of how lucky my husband and I were, because this is real life and I can’t control everything as I do in my stories—although sometimes my characters demand different plots. Yet, I am here to tell you that everything went fine, and the sky is blue and the birds sing joyously, and I’m ready to write another love story inspired by a picture I took of the Eiffel Tower.

Star-crossed shifters in Paris, anyone? What’s the heartbreaking story behind that solitary love locket…?

Until the next time,

Monica La Porta


In all the excitement, I almost forgot to mention that today is release day for my latest shifter story, Ax: A Wolf’s Hunger Alpha Shifter Romance, set in the shared world created by the fabulous A K Michaels!

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