I confess, I like my shifters alpha. They’re dark, ruthless, and protective of their mates—and when they love, it’s forever.
So I put together my own recipe for an alpha male using some examples from my Fada Shapeshifters series.

1. An alpha male is a badass. You take him as he is—or not at all.
Here’s the sun fae queen’s first look at Dion in Seducing the Sun Fae (#1, Fada Shapeshifters). Dion is lord of his clan—the ultimate alpha. Here, he’s planted himself right in Cleia’s path as she rides her motorcycle through his clan’s territory.

Cleia took him in, big and broad and arrogant in jeans and a sleeveless shirt that strained over his heavily muscled chest. He had a mane of black hair, a gray scarf tied around one large bicep and bare feet, a dead giveaway that he was a river fada. They wore minimal clothing, preferring to move freely through their watery habitat, and especially disliked shoes.
Not that she wouldn’t have known he was a river fada anyway. Not with that big body and Mediterranean features. But more than that, it was his screw-you attitude. She’d bet her favorite jewels that if she’d ridden past, he’d have laughed and turned away—leaving her the one wondering.  


2. An alpha male is strong but protective.
An alpha male is strong but protective. He’s a natural leader, but he isn’t out to grab power just for himself. No, his clan and family comes first. My alphas are hard-eyed, ruthless warriors—but they have a soft spot for children and elders.
Here’s Valeria watching Rui with her adopted daughter (a jaguar cub) in Claiming Valeria (#2, Fada Shapeshifters).

Rui caught Merry as she leapt the last few feet to the ground. “How about lunch, princesa?”
He bent his dark head next to her furry gold-and-black one. She rubbed against his cheek and then curled up in his arms in a relaxed little ball.
Valeria felt a shock of yearning. She wanted this—Rui in her life—for her and Merry both.

3. He has some quirk or characteristic that makes you love him.
Think Captain James T. Kirk. He ruled the bridge—but he had a wicked sense of humor. Those lips would tilt up, and you’d melt right there.
Or like my alpha Dion, he has a soft spot for children. And Dion’s old nanny is completely comfortable giving him orders (even if he doesn’t always take them), because she know he loves  and respects her.

4. An alpha male is a little dominating, but he’ll bend for his woman—just not in bed.
There’s nothing more exciting for a woman than surrendering to your alpha, at least in bed. Outside the bedroom, an alpha may bend, but inside he’s all hard, sexy male. Here’s Rui again in Claiming Valeria. (Boneca means “sweetheart” or “doll” in Portuguese.)

Rui crooked a finger at her. “Come here, boneca.”
Her body recognized that husky tone. Her nipples hardened and a lush heat filled her belly. But she heard again Sabela’s words: On his knees begging.
She concentrated on setting her cup on the table.
“Come here,” he repeated.
She moved closer and he traced a finger over her collarbone. “Valeria.”
Her thighs clenched at that low, seductive growl. She swallowed. “Yes?”
This close she could see the flecks of gold in his deep green eyes, feel the heat radiating off his body. She found herself inhaling slowly, taking in his wild male spice, the scent still familiar after all this time.
He moved his hand to her breast, rubbing a knuckle over one hard crest. “No more running, hm?”
“No,” she agreed.
His big hand covered her breast, squeezing gently. “Say it, Valeria. Tell me what you want.”
And suddenly, she didn’t want to make him beg. She just wanted him. That was all she’d ever wanted.

5. An alpha male can come in all shapes, sizes and colors.
And of course, alphas are strong and sexy. As far as I’m concerned, they can come in different sizes. The big, brawny guy is always hot, but I also love a shifter with a slim, hard-muscled body too.

6. An alpha male is totally focused on his woman.
An alpha—like any good romance hero—is totally focused on his woman. He loves her to madness, thinks she’s a goddess both in and out of bed, and he always thinks of her pleasure before his. He’d literally die for her.

Here’s Tiago in Tempting the Dryad (#3, Fada Shapeshifters) when his mate is threatened.

Beneath Tiago’s skin, the beast writhed, its fury dark, primal. But underneath the anger was terror, that Alesia would be hurt as the other women had been.
Kill. Now.
Protect the female.
The beast was practically bursting out of Tiago’s skin, willing—no, eager—to die if that’s what it took to save Alesia.
The mate.

And if all this sounds like a fantasy man, well, that’s the point, isn’t it? 😉

What do you think? Is there anything you’d add to my recipe for an alpha male?


Rebecca Rivard is the USA Today bestselling author of the Fada Shapeshifter series. She also has a book in Michelle Fox’s Vampire Blood Courtesans series.

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