I’m so excited to share an excerpt from my newest release, Saving Jace (#4, Fada Shapeshifters), and I’m thrilled and humbled at the great reviews, especially from the Wolf Pack!

A sexy shifter with a scarred heart…
A gutsy waitress trying to hold onto her dreams…
And the Darktime isn’t over…

Here’s an excerpt:
He dragged his mouth from hers and regarded her from beneath thick black lashes. A flush painted his broad cheekbones, and the hazel of his irises was spiked a brilliant jade.
She curved a hand around his cheek. “That green in your eyes—”
“That’s my cat.”
“That’s what I thought. When you’re a jaguar, your eyes are green.”
“The jag wants you too.” His voice was guttural, and she knew both cat and man were present at this moment. His lids lowered, and he studied her warily, as if expecting her to change her mind and send him away.
She stroked his neck, his shoulders. “I’m not afraid of your cat. He’s beautiful.”
His jaguar had fascinated her from the first night. After Jace and Adric had left, she’d googled black panthers and found out that they could be either jaguars or leopards. A black panther still had the jaguar or leopard markings, but they were hidden by the extra black pigment. Even when Adric had first accused her of being fae and the jaguar had snarled at her, she’d still found the cat gorgeous in a savage, primal way. But even then, Jace’s cat had seemed to want to protect her—he’d put himself between her and his alpha, and she guessed that for a shifter, that was a huge deal.
“He thinks you’re beautiful, too. And sexy as hell.”

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Hugs & enjoy the read!

~Rebecca Rivard