One thing that I must confess right away is that I have more than one guilty pleasure, but when it comes to books, my indulgence looks more like an addiction. Fortunately, it’s a harmless addiction I’ve gotten. So, I’ll say it… My Kindle Paperwhite contains so many books that I have to routinely remove items from it. A few months ago, I realized that I could barely flip pages because my e-reader was burdened with too much content and it had slowed to the point that I couldn’t read any longer. The solution was painful. After rebooting the system, I had to remove almost thirty pages of books from my list. It felt awful, like betraying an old friend. I love reading. It’s probably the activity I like the most alongside walking, and in fact, I walk everyday with my beagle, Nero, and my pink Kindle. I’ve read countless stories while walking. Lately, I am on a Regency’s binge-reading, and nowadays, I live more in those long-lost worlds than in real life. Owning an e-reader has definitely changed my reading habits, because I can read anywhere and I can bring with me my entire digital library, which is now almost as extensive as my paperback one. Ebooks are also notoriously cheaper to buy, and to properly repay all those generous authors who publish their books for free, I always buy at least another, full-priced title from them because it seems the least I can do if I enjoyed their story. So, if you’ll excuse me, I left this handsome Duke all alone in a bedroom… I need to know what happens next!

Happy reading!


PS: I have a brand-new release to announce! Kendall: A Wolf’s Hunger Alpha Shifter Romance is available anywhere you buy ebooks!