There’s this book coming out. On Christmas Eve of all days. You’ll be shocked, I’m sure, when I tell you it’s a Christmas book. Well, not one, but twelve Christmas books. It’s the 12 Magical Nights of Christmas anthology. Quick, romantic, happily ever after Christmas stories with a paranormal twist. Okay, not a twist; they’re straight up paranormal.

And it’s all for a good cause. Every single penny. Each one of us featured in this anthology paid for our own editing, our own covers, the marketing, everything; and all those pennies we’re making in royalties are being sent straight over to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Every. Single. One.

All 99 of them. Well, that’s how much you pay—a whopping 99 cents. For twelve stories. And what Amazon and B&N and Kobo and all the others give to us out of those pennies, we’re giving back—to make a difference in a few families’ lives.

Why do we do it? Well, speaking for myself, once upon a time, when I was a kid, my family needed help. Not necessarily the kind St. Jude’s offers, but there was one year we desperately needed financial help in order for my brothers and I to experience Christmas.

I was on the edge of not believing, but my brothers are younger than me, and they were still entirely enveloped in the dream, the fantasy, the Santa Claus era. And he wouldn’t have visited that year without the help of the Salvation Army. A volunteer dressed in Santa regalia showed up at our house on Christmas Eve, delivering a sack full of gifts, far more, in fact, than we’d ever seen before in our lives. Despite the hard times we’d suffered, that Christmas always will have a special place in my heart.

And while I never pass a red kettle without dropping a buck or two, this particular fundraiser—donating our royalties to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital—appealed to me.

My problem—like so many of us—is I don’t often have a whole lot of extra time left over. Between writing, editing, the day job, and a few precious hours’ of sleep each night, there just isn’t much left. And let’s not forget giving my own family a little bit of my attention.

This is one way to make a decent impact doing something I love, sharing something close to my heart: My inner musings.

And so I bring you 12 Magical Nights of Christmas.

Still not sure?

Here’s a taste of what’s in this antho … give ‘em a read, then one-click that book to make a difference AND download some fantastic Christmas reading…

He’s a pauper. She’s a princess. They can’t have forever, but what’s the harm in taking advantage of tonight?

Gift of the Gods by Tami Lund


Sometimes cures have a bite. All Chance wants for Christmas is Annabelle. Amanda Kimberley’s The Cure.


Renee wants her family together for Christmas.

After seeing her despair, one of her friends decides to give her the surprise of a lifetime.

A Magical Christmas by Heather Kirchhoff.


One sweet scent and Rocco knows that he’s found his mate, but will Kendra’s secret destroy their chance for love everlasting?

A Beary Christmas by Ariel Marie


Noelle Gifford has been hired to cater a party for the local outreach program at Castle Falk. Can she thaw out Ice Dragon, Alexsander Falk, in the process?

The Dragon’s Christmas Gift by C.D. Gorri

Here are the download links, for your reading pleasure. Oh, and thanks for supporting St. Jude’s!

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