It’s can’t miss military romance shifter style! When Danger Bites, Bravo Team WOLF Book 1, introduces the wolves of Bravo Team and to Kaitlyn Amador, the corporal suddenly assigned to their team. Who are these wolves? Where do they come from? Each wolf is a volunteer, sent by their packs, to serve for a term of three to seven years. Their work protects the packs, and the country they share. This isn’t the first Bravo Team WOLF, but they are the best…

Meet the Captain of Bravo Team WOLF!

Captain Jasper “Jax” Raymond – Rocky Mountain Pack – Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska – Alpha Dominic – The captain of the unit, Jax is an easy-going wolf who enjoys the camaraderie he’s developed with the team. While not all their packs get alone, they put aside pack animosities to rely on each other. Though they are also Marines, they choose their captain among themselves in a battle of dominance—so that makes Jax their biggest badass.

Meet his team

Lieutenant Kurt Marquet   Lieutenant – Palisades Pack – California, Oregon, Washington, Alpha Edison – Kurt’s a bit of a pickle. He’s tough, and willing to face off against Jax when needed, but he’s also Jax’s best friend. Kurt has a few secrets of his own, including a female from home he keeps avoiding.

Lance Corporal Troy Norton – Granite Pack – Montana, Wyoming, ND, SD – Alpha Brenna – Troy’s a down-to-earth guy.. Like most wolves, he dislikes change. Unlike his team mates he doesn’t adapt as swiftly or as easily as they manage.

Private Patterson – Great Lakes Pack – Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana – Patterson’s an enigma. He likes to go with the flow, avoiding conflict unless the team has a target.

Private Jeremiah Benning – Everglades Pack – Florida – Southern to his roots, Jeremiah likes to kill folks with kindness. Don’t be fooled by his manner, this is a wolf who hunts alligators for survival.

Sergeant Carlos “Cage” Castillo – Guadalupe Pack – Texas/Mexico – Alpha Reuben – Cage has a tough relationship with his alpha father. He wants to be the best and judges his successes and failures far more harshly than anyone else.

Sergeant Stephen “Silver” Lance – Cumberland Pack – Tennessee, Kentucky – Silver’s charm is more than an psychological technique. Once he’s decided on something, he doesn’t back down. He’s the perfect ally to have in your corner.

Private Butler Garrison – Silvertip Pack – Canada – Butler’s a tough wolf, but he’s also a polite one. Maybe its his Canadian background, but he’s just as likely to apologize while ripping someone’s arm off as he is to be efficient as possible with dispatching their enemies.

They’re Bravo Team WOLF – Weapons of lethal force, they tackle the impossible missions and go where they are needed most!

Are you ready for When Danger Bites?



What readers are saying…

  • 5 stars “I love how Heather long mixed romance, action, drama and humor!!! As always she gave us a stunning array of characters. This is a fabulous first book for a series and I can’t wait for the installment.” ~Milagros, Goodreads
  • 5 stars “Stunning! This is a great book that held my attention from beginning to end and had me signing up to follow this author. She has the best of both worlds in paranormal and military romance.” ~Dawn, Goodreads
  • 4 stars “A great start to a new series by Heather Long! I was pulled in from the first and it kept my interest all the way until the end. I can’t wait to read the next book!” ~Sandy, Goodreads
  • 5 stars “What happens when you make a hunky team of werewolves into Marines? Hotness overload! When Danger Bites is military paranormal romantic suspense at its finest.” ~In My Humble Opinion
  • 5 stars “I loved this book! Yet another series to suck me in by Heather Long! Wolves and Marines! Oorah!” ~Robyn, Goodreads
  • 4.5 stars “ With it’s unique storyline, complex characters you can’t help but love, secrets, hilarious banter, intense situations, and intriguing twists, this story will pull you in, and you won’t be able to put it down till the very end.” ~Angela, Goodreads
  • 5 stars “This combination of tough Marines and alpha shifters is a gold mine! I am in a middle of a Team Bravo hangover, and I cannot wait for the next book in the series.” ~Adrianne’s Book Cave

Loving Marines and Wolves

I can’t wait to share this world for you! For years, fans of my Always a Marine military romance and Wolves of Willow Bend shifter romance series have asked whether I’d bring wolves into the Marines or bring my Marines into the wolves. Welcome to Bravo Team WOLF where I got to do both!  Do you have a favorite military wolf you’d like to know more about?