Hey there Wolf Pack! *waving*

If we’ve never met, I’m Lisa Kessler, and I write dark paranormal romances with tortured heroes, strong spunky heroines, and a healthy dose of danger!

I’m super excited to be blogging on the Wolf Pack page!

So here are my 5 facts:

    1. Before I started writing full time, I grew up in our family business. We made window blinds for hospitals and ours were cordless so our biggest clients were psychiatric hospitals. I have been in more psychiatric lockdown wards than I count… But I’ve never been a patient… yet! LOL
  1. I grew up on a horse ranch and yes I named one of my ponies after the song “Wildfire”…. Loved her SO much!

3. I was lucky enough to meet Ray Bradbury twice before he passed away, and I’m not sure my werewolf series would have ever happened without him. He challenged me to write a new short story every week for a year. The first chapter of MOONLIGHT was one of those stories. I couldn’t stop thinking about Lana and Adam, so while I kept writing new short stories, I also wrote MOONLIGHT and HUNTER’S MOON, the first 2 books of the Moon Series! All thanks to Ray’s inspiration! 🙂

4. I’m big on going places for book research! I’ve been trapped at the top of the Chichen Itza pyramid, caught in a blizzard  on the Mt. Rose Highway, cut my thumb while learning to shoot a Glock, visited the Notre Dame Cathedral, and adventured to a vortex in Sedona all in the name of book research! If I can make the “real” parts as real as possible, I hope it makes the paranormal bits more believable… 🙂

5. I used to be deathly afraid of car washes as a child, so much so I would verify with people that they weren’t going to get a car wash before I ever got in the car! LOL

If you’d like to hear more about my books, you can check out my author interview here: http://us13.campaign-archive1.com/?u=160215cdeb893a80330ba92b3&id=7c6835855e

Great meeting all of you!

Go Wolf Pack!

Lisa 🙂

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